Welcome to the FAQ section for Travrek, the powerful Web-based CRM that enables small to medium sized travel enterprises to manage important customer relationships from any location.
What is Travrek?
Travrek is a CRM which means it's a tool for Customer Relationship Management. Customer service philosophy depends on tools that allow the entire organization to have instant access to information that will help serve the customer better.
Why Travrek is based on SaaS?
SaaS stands for Software as a Service, is not a particular software product, but rather the method of delivering applications over the Internet, generally using a Web browser. This mode of software distribution allows universal access to the software without requiring installation or end-user maintenance.
Is our information secure?
Yes. Your information is protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit encryption. To learn more about why your information is safer in Travrek, see the Security page.
Will you share our information with third parties?
We will never sell your information to third parties. The only third parties who will receive any of your information are those who you elect to grant information, or who need information in order to implement your services, such as a payment processor. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
How do I download Travrek software?
At this time, there is no need to download Travrek software, as it is a Web-based service fully accessible via any modern Web browser.
How much does travrek license cost?
We are offering three [2] different license options of travrek. The most popular option is Essential version @ US$ 499 /Per Year. We also offers Professional license @ US$299 for the period of 6 Months and before you make decision you can try the software for free for 3 days. Visit product page for detailed information. *All prices can change any-time according to version availability.
Are there any promotions currently?
Yes, We are offering Almost 50% off on annual contract. We are continuously working and few updates are schedules in next few month, once launched the cost may increase to US$ 499 / Year.
What is the cost for terminating my subscription early?
Travrek comes with an annual commitment. Once paid, cancellation is not allowed, if you want to have a free trial account, please request a demo at demo@travrek.com, our team will setup a demo for your account.
How do I get support from your support
You can contact our Support Team by emailing support@travrek.com. Our email support is completely free and our helpful support team has a reputation for being fast and friendly.